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Conwire, the best manufacturer that specializes in control cables for mechanical devices. Since many years ago, we have been supplying cables to the domestic, industrial, as like marine, as well as automotive (including motorcycle) markets. We take great pride in the high quality of our products like automotive cable suppliers in Melbourne and client service, and we are happy to provide quotes for small one-off orders, large manufacturing that runs, as well as everything in between. In Australia, we can fix also replace the outdated clutch, the accelerator, and handbrake, as well as throttle wire with new or easily accessible, undamaged parts. We take great pride in being early one modeled light, middle, and big heavy braking system cable providers for Ford, Holden, Valiant and the Chrysler. Conwire can create new parts from the customer’s assignee or repair existing ones. Control levers, lanyards, as well as the whole more are all part of our product line.

You can rely on Australia’s manufacturing, marine, motorbike, as well as automobiles cable providers.

When you select us for repairing the handbrake, the accelerator, the clutch or the throttle wire distributors, you could be certain that that you’ll get nothing less than the best goods and services. We have devoted countless hours to making sure every single one of our clients is completely satisfied with our services ever since we first opened the doors all for business many more years ago. We have built a very notorious position as automotive cables Brisbane all sort of cable providers for the automotive, and the marine, for industrial, also residential use throughout the years thanks to our commitment to our masterpiece, as well as we proceed to go the extra mile to complete the job correctly.

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We developed our very own culvert coilers as well as cord stranding equipment. Back after which, there had been no PVC set of possible, as well as we imported our American-made cotton braiders from Ireland while constructing our own in-line lacquering facility. We have been honoured to have received letters of gratitude for our automotive cable suppliers Melbourne assistance in the production of the Following sub and Insect airliner.

Conwire does have the capacity to replace worn cables with new ones made from samples provided by customers.

For a variety of vintage motorbike manufacturers and models, Conwire can repair or replace the accelerator, clutch, and front back brake, manual shifter, and numerous other kinds of wires. Manufacturers of motorcycles are listed in order of the full range of cables that automotive cables Brisbane repair. We stayed the course until a new factory was erected and opened for business in Jan 1963. Before the 1952 invention of a rotary tractor by Marv Richardson, the industry for farm equipment was negligible. We have always been “Proud Aussies” and have been affiliated with him.