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Choosing jewelry is a big decision for anyone, you have to be certain it is the piece you want or else it is just going to sit in your jewelry case forever and never be worn and become tangled up with all the other bits that have become rejects. The selection of a bit of bling ca be even harder for men, especially if they have never been known to wear any accessories before, changing an image can be an excruciating business and bound to have some joking teasing and questioning of your sexual status. 

Men’s jewelry online might be the place to start, this enables a man to look through selections without being accidently spotted at the local department store by family and friends or god forbid the girlfriend and then she starts thinking there might be a proposal in the making. Run fella run. Yep definitely better to browse in private and find out what tickles your fancy and whether you could picture yourself wearing what is on offer.
Now what to choose don’t go for thin bracelets and necklaces or delicate rings, shiny delicate jewelry will look effeminate and may send the wrong message to those around you, if you are gay then choose whatever the hell you like and good for you. Men’s jewelry is generally along the line of chunky and hefty pieces made of such materials as cobalt, sterling silver and titanium. If these are not to your liking then there is leather, bone, beads and wood to choose from and are often used together in a contrasting fashion. A darker material such as leather with a lighter bead or bone pattern, maybe a strategically placed piece of dark wood as an offset.

Some of the designs are fantastic and use skulls and wolves in the pattern design, manly crosses and stylized Celtic symbols. So nice in fact it is tempting to get a little man glam myself and you guys be buggered, the natural materials are attractive and are more appealing than having shiny silver and gold with expensive granite headstone prices.

How much to get is another issue and at first it might be easier to introduce only one or two pieces to your overall appearance, say a ring and a bracelet. Piling the bling on all at once can be rather a shock to family and friends and can give you the appearance of the local pimp, let’s not get into a turf war with the criminal element and no gold caps. Eeeeewwwww. Keep your choices simple until you can get a handle on the style you eventually want, your female friends will come on board fairly quickly and be able to give you style hints and tell you what looks good on you. Here is the thing though if you really like a piece and everybody else hates it, too bad stick with what you like, be an individual and be proud to express yourself.