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polyethylene pipe fittings

This is the world of science, and technology, every day the technicians develop, and discover new terminology for the ease of man. Plastic is the most useable product all over the world due to its durability. It decomposes after thousands of years, and some of the products have their half-lives. In this article, we will discuss poly pipe fitting and its use in irrigation processes.

Poly pipe:

The poly pipe refers to the use of plastic pipes that are manufactured by the number of the poly group that may include poly-ethylene, poly-butylene, and many more. The poly pipe fittings are held for plumbing, drainage, and water supply in the agricultural fields. The poly piping irrigation systems are concerned with the environmental factors, salinity, pH of the soil, water pressure, and other elevation changes. The technician prefers both polyvinyl chloride pipes and polyethylene pipe fittings as they have little difference in their properties.

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings:

The polyethylene pipe fittings are more convenient for poly piping irrigation systems as they resist breaks and cracks. These poly pipe fittings are available in comparatively high length. The polyethylene pipe fittings are available in 100 to 300 feet length, these are available in the form of coils. It is more suitable for poly piping irrigation systems. The polyethylene pipe fittings are used in commercial structures and other landscapes. These advanced poly pipe fitting refer to as the HDPE, (high-density polyethylene). These polyethylene pipe fittings are also manoeuver by welding.

Poly Piping Irrigation Systems:

The poly pipe fitting is more renowned in horticultural, and agricultural fields. The composition of the poly pipe fitting tolerates the harsh UV rays of the sun.  The poly piping irrigation system cut down the expenses of the earth in the following ways.

  • The poly piping irrigation systems preserve the land for dam construction. These are more convenient for working at the low level.
  • The poly piping irrigation systems reduce the expense of labour for intensive care to look after any leakage, or breakage of the pipes.
  • The poly pipe fittings preserve the water from rapid evaporation.
  • In polyethylene pipe fittings, the water faces less friction and covers distant places without boost up the pressure.

Irrigation Riser Pipe:

The irrigation riser pipe, as its name suggests, is located at the higher level of the ground. The irrigation riser pipe is referred to as a connection of several pipes with the source that the water in further several directions. The irrigation riser pipe aid the water sprinkle, valves, backflow stoppers, air vents, and other preventers. In several cases, the dripper system manipulated the irrigation riser pipe to emit the level of the water. The minimal height of the irrigation riser pipe should be 18 inches above the ground.